Statement of Purpose

This blog represents a turning over of a new leaf of sorts for this administrator. Along with another administrator, I plan to open an online forum somewhat along the lines of Sharnoff’s Global Views but with a stronger emphasis on East Asian affairs. This blog will be closely affiliated with that blog once we are able to get things underway. We will also more than likely create a related Facebook page at some point in the near future to which both the present blog and its affiliates will be linked. More on these things as they develop.

Much of what will be posted here will be related to my ongoing Master’s thesis research which deals with Sino-U.S.-Japan relations and the effects of Japan’s so-called dual hedge on East Asian security. However, posts will not be limited to this topic; also included here will be posts on topics regarding, broadly speaking, East Asian/Asia-Pacific security and international politics, international relations and political theory, foreign policy analysis, news and commentary on the region, the domestic politics of several countries in the region, and U.S. policy toward the region, just to name a few. I appreciate relevant and courteous comments and critiques of my posts, especially those related to my thesis, as well as discussion regarding any and all things pertaining to the region.

I also appreciate your patience for several reasons. First off, my wife and I recently became parents to a bouncing baby boy (see the “About the Administrator” section at the top of this page above the header photo), so my writing time has been limited recently and will likely continue to be so for some time. Second, this is my first WordPress blog (I had originally been blogging over at Blogger), so bear with me as I get myself situated here. Finally, as I am a student, an employee, a research assistant, a husband, and a father, not to mention the fact that I am currently researching for and writing my thesis, my posts may be, for the time being at least, somewhat sporadic and perhaps even a bit random. Please consider all posts works-in-progress, for that is what they are.

Many thanks. — nwn